Our Products

Our farm is located in the towns of Finale Ligure ( Perti Alto ) – orchards , citrus , olives , honey vinegar Calizzano chestnuts , wood , apples berries and honey herbs.
All fruit is processed in our laboratory to Final Ligure via Don Scarrone 9.
Our specialties are extra jams chestnut, berries , peaches murialdo, oranges and lemons, apples, compote of dried chestnuts and citrus or gourd.

Mtb - Freeride

The proposal freeride is diversified and our trials that start from Melogno , one step away from the sea , to get up to 2000 meters above sea level in the area of Alta tanaro are divided into two sectors CALIZZANO / Melogno / BARDINETO and ORMEA / NAVA …

Discover the 6 days Enduro Tour on www.oltrefinale.it

Sport activities

Finale Ligure and the backcountry is really famous for sport activities, field archery, free climbing, field air, rifle shooting, tracks, mtb, walks and trails, nordic walking path, freeride, all mountain …

Agriturismo Le Giaire


The centuries’ old farmstead in river stone and mortar that houses the farm is located in the vicinity of the river Bormida set in 60 hectares of woodland and meadows with rich mushroom farms forest plants in place by the owner of this charming oasis .inside a natural meandering journey marked by wooden plaques that classify plants or quote phrases , sayings and poems about the woods and nature …